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Sassy [userpic]
Hello & Crewing Question


My name is Sassy. I'm new to this community and just wanted to say hi. I also had a sailing question.

I've been sailing recreationally for a few years now in Long Beach, CA. And would like to increase my knowledge by becoming part of a crew.

How does someone like me, with limited experience, become a crew member? Does anyone know of places that offer sailing jobs, or jobs at marinas? Any tips, pointers, suggestions about beginning a career at sea?

I've read on here a few places that offer seasonal jobs and plan to check them out. I was wondering if anyone had any new news on sailing opportunities.

My dream would be to make a living, crewing full time on a ship. But I wouldn't mind working part time or maybe volunteering. (Shoot, I wouldn't even mind getting a job on a cruise ship for a spell.) Working at a marina, in the office or even at a maritime museum would be nice, too. And I don't mind traveling. I've got my passport ready!

Current Location: Long Beach, CA
Current Music: The Pacific Ocean

Hi Sassy,

I'm also in So Cal. I've found this community quiet in the extreme (they're all out sailing :)) so I thought I'd say hi.

I can't answer your question unfortunately, but I thought I'd say hi.

My story is that I badly want to learn to sail and I really want to take lessons, preferably private lessons. It's just not financially feasible for me right now. I also have an inner ear disorder that makes me dizzy and I was afraid this would preclude me from doing it, but a friend of mine's wife has the same problem and apparently she now almost lives on the water so I have hope.

Someone will definitely answer you and they all seem to be experts. Good luck!

Hello June,

Thanks for writing me. Nice to meet you.

I'll keep an eye out for any more posts.

My best suggestion would be to hang out at marinas where big ships dock. Word of mouth is huge. Then you can also get some pointers. As for cruise ships, the individual companies have their openings listed. Generally at the bottom of the homepage in the very small type.

Unfortunately, I don't have any new news about opportunities. Sorry if this wasn't much help.

You might want to take a look back through some older posts in this community. I know that we've had deckhands and others post. I'd send them a message and see what they are up to and what they know.