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kishnevi [userpic]

From Antigua (Nelson's Dockyard and Shirley Heights) and the Virgin Islands (mostly St. John's, USVI)

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kishnevi [userpic]

Just joined, so as my contribution here are the links for some galleries I uploaded today.

Boats at Ostende, taken from a Belgian website (9 pictures)

Pictures taken from a German site, Das Ruderhaus (The Wheelhouse) (12 pictures)

Ship paintings from the 19th century, artists unknown (4 paintings)

Miscellaneous pictures relating to sailing ships (5 pictures)

some_day_soling [userpic]

AC90 Rule is born

The AC90 Rule, in brief, will be 90ft overall maximum length, 6.5m in draft whilst racing and will have a displacement of 23tons. This last parameter was defined by the challengers on their request. Tom adds some insight: "In writing the AC90 Rule we have used the experience gained in forming Version 5 of the America's Cup Class rule. We have tried to keep it simple because of the short timeframe, while also taking care not to ignore the lessons of the last 18 years of the ACC. The rule is a box rule rather than a rating rule and differs greatly to Version 5 in that the yacht will be big, fast and much more demanding."

some_day_soling [userpic]

Also, if anyone is really bored, feel free to check out my posts about the recent work on our boat here. As I say, only if you are really bored.

Hopefully I'll have some sailing adventures to add here soon.

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The Sparkly One [userpic]

My contract with my current vessel will be ending mid-November after we downrig, and so I am searching for a new job on a boat. Although I have applied for a handful of crew-searching websites, I've had little luck,and so have come to this community in the hopes that you, or someone else may be able to help me out.

I am a twenty-one year old female from Maryland, with nearly a yea of full-time sailing experience on several "tallships," the 112' Brig Lady Washington, 108' Square Topsail Ketch Hawaiian Chieftain, and most recently the 104' Schooner Lady Maryland. I am also working as mate on the 56' motor vessel buyboat Mildred Belle for five days next week.

I have Wilderness First Aid and CPR training, and have yard and major maintenance experience, with some basic rig experience (uprigging, maintenance, have bent on/off sails, tuned rig). I have 108 days of ocean experience, and 134 days of inland waters, as of September 1, 2007. I am waiting to be approved to sit for my AB-Sail certification, so I will likely have that by November.

So, if you, or anyone else you know, needs a deckhand, some maintenance (painting, basic repairs, varnish/brightwork, etc), an extra hand in yard, please respond! I very much enjoy traveling and meeting new faces and seeing new areas, and will try to learn everything I can about the vessel. I am a quick learner, and a perfectionist, so I will absorb everything I am taught.

Come mid-November, when we downrig the Lady Maryland, I will be visiting my family in North Carolina, but am happy to go where I am needed after a week there.

Please respond if you need, or know of anyone who can use an extra hand or deckhand.

I can email you my full resume if you would like.

Just joined this community. I sail a Grampian 26 out of Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada, on Lake Huron. Planning to lurk and look for while to see what's going on.

some_day_soling [userpic]

These are from Jane Austin's Persuasion.

cherokeepurple [userpic]

Just found this community and wanted to say howdy and introduce myself.  My husband, 9 month old daughter and I live aboard our Westsail 32 on the Tennessee River and someday hope to make our way to the islands and then Europe. We are just now able to take the boat out due to the insanely hot weather after restoring this old gal into a more functional sailboat. I'm glad t have found an active sailing community and look forward to it.

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The Sparkly One [userpic]

But the USCG website is confusing me. I have well over my necessary 180 days of sea-time, and wish to get my Able Seaman's certification with sail endorsement. Not an STCW, just my AB.

Is that under licenses or merchant mariners' documents? It seems to fall under both, but I don't know which forms to fill out. What's the difference? And I seem to remember seeing that I need three letters of recommendation.. is this true for an AB-Sail?

Lastly, any recommendations on books to help me study?

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some_day_soling [userpic]

Along with everything else August is a slow month for sailing down here. Anyone had any fun sailing adventures lately?

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