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Addicted to All Things Sail

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I'm addicted to all things sail. I love actually sailing. I love watching movies and reading about sailing, from tall ships to the newest technologies, fiction, non-fiction, whatever I can get my hands on.

I made this group as a place to (if I can steal a fandom word) squee over sailing. Any sailing subject.

Anything remotely sail related is welcome here: pictures, icons, sea stories, movie or book comments, questions, sailing dreams (both day dreams and sleeping ones), sailing plans, the results of that last race, the wonders of your last sail, or just posting to say you are dying for a sail. No boat needed.

The rules:

1. Play nice
2. I'm not big on introduction posts, if you are new it'd be nice to say hi. If you feel like telling us a bit about yourself feel free to.
3. Join or watch if you feel the desire and jump in whenever.

Alright, let's have some fun.