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some_day_soling [userpic]

some_day_soling [userpic]

Sassy [userpic]


My name is Sassy. I'm new to this community and just wanted to say hi. I also had a sailing question.

I've been sailing recreationally for a few years now in Long Beach, CA. And would like to increase my knowledge by becoming part of a crew.

How does someone like me, with limited experience, become a crew member? Does anyone know of places that offer sailing jobs, or jobs at marinas? Any tips, pointers, suggestions about beginning a career at sea?

I've read on here a few places that offer seasonal jobs and plan to check them out. I was wondering if anyone had any new news on sailing opportunities.

My dream would be to make a living, crewing full time on a ship. But I wouldn't mind working part time or maybe volunteering. (Shoot, I wouldn't even mind getting a job on a cruise ship for a spell.) Working at a marina, in the office or even at a maritime museum would be nice, too. And I don't mind traveling. I've got my passport ready!

Current Location: Long Beach, CA
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some_day_soling [userpic]

Elaine "Rhymes with Insane" [userpic]

There are a few things that although mildly amusing to any lubber(normal person) only a true sailor will find absolutely hilarious.
"Captain Ron" is one of them.
Another is this list:
How to Simulate the Life of a SailorCollapse )

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some_day_soling [userpic]

kishnevi [userpic]

Does anyone have any idea what ship is the focus of the second picture on this page?

Eziekiel - Lurker [userpic]

Hi all,

I am after a little help and am spreading my net far and wide in the hope of finding out exactly what I need.

I am after some pointers to resources/websites/companies that may be able to help me,

In July, my house contract ends as does my current job, after travelling last year I seriously want to get out and try something new, at least while I am young (well 25 now), to see what else is out there.

I have always had an interest in the sea and want to now develop that into maybe a career or maybe a career break doing some sailing (looking at areas such as private charter yachts, delivery, day trip boats/diving boats)

I have always had an interest in the sea, coming from a naval family in a coastal town, I have very little experience in sailing but I have the qualifications listed below. I understand that what I really need to do is get some work on a yacht as a deckhand to build up some experience before maybe getting longer cruises. I believe, and happy to, work for bed and board to start with but obviously need some money to get me between potential jobs. I am also happy to work anywhere in the world as come July I wont have any commitments tying me to anything.

Any advice/pointers/links/criticism etc will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading this,

Paul (Currently in Southampton UK)

BSc (Hons) Marine Sciences
R.Y.A. Start Sailing (Keelboat)
R.Y.A. Powerboat Lvl 2 (Coastal/Planing Endorsement)
P.A.D.I Open Water Diver
B.S.A.C. Sports Diver
B.S.A.C. Assistant Diving Instructor

Courses Booked
R.Y.A. Basic Skills Level 2 (Keelboat)
R.Y.A. Day Skipper Theory

Robin F [userpic]

Hi everyone. :) I have a bit of a strange request - I'm not actually into sailing myself (never had the opportunity to be on a boat other than a couple deep-sea fishing trips down in Florida), but I'm a novelist and one of the main characters in my current obsession novel is a sailor. I'm finding myself somewhat flummoxed because I know very little about boats. I personally would have chosen something easier (i.e.: something that requires less research, LOL) but he is what he is, and it was quite clear from the beginning that he's a sailor. So be it. ;) He owns and lives on a 40' Chris Craft Roamer (suffice it to say his character has plenty of money, heh).

What I'm looking for is someone who is extremely educated about motorized sailboats, who is willing to fact-check appropriate sections of my manuscript so that I don't make an ass out of myself by using the wrong term or saying something impossible. :) I'll be doing my best to make it factual and realistic, but without having personal experience with the subject myself, blunders are almost impossible to avoid even with lots of research.

In addition, if anybody feels like waxing poetic about the experience itself (the little details of sailing a ship) that'd be wonderfully helpful in terms of giving me some background. :) Thank you!

kDycu [userpic]

I just joined this community whilst coming across it in my searches for Master and Commander icons, and realized I'd meant to do join it a while ago, but somehow forgot. I'm fifteen, but I'll be sixteen in two weeks, and I'm a sailor-in-training. By that, I mean, I'm a Sea Scout on the S.S.S. Yankee Clipper. She's a 45' gaff-rigged ketch, and she basically owns my life.

We'll be doing our yearly drydock in April, and I'll be sure to snap plenty of pictures of her while she's out of the water.

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Malice Mizer - Au Revoir
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